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    Weather Folklore
    Pale moon rains, red moon blows;
    White moon neither rains nor blows.



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Galleria at Tyler Farmer’s Market!

Till 2/01/2015

Every Sunday-8:30am-12:30pm
Located in parking lot
near TGI Friday's





   Animazonia Wildlife Foundation
For those that don't know, we have a wildlife sanctuary for

Big Cats In the Lake Mathews Area.

They give tours, have events, offer educational opportunities.

Check it out! 

Click here->Animazonia Home












































For community information and so  much more.








Please e-mail

me with any information you would find interesting that others would like to know.


Living in this community for over 35 years.

I would love to be your best resource for local information. 

Check back with us daily, as there maybe new postings, new events & some great tips from local neighbors.





Just about that time a year again!






 “Football is an honest game. It's true to life.

It's a game about sharing. Football is a team game. So is life.”
Joe Namath








       Can you find where this is in our very own

                     Harford Springs Park?

        Awesome looking Dinosaur peaking over the Hill.

       Licking his chomps, possibly looking for dinner?


Click here: Harford Springs Reserve


Harford Springs Reserve is a gorgeous 325-acre field with miles of picturesque hiking. The winding trails meander through dense brush and abundant wildlife. The lovely trails split and converge through the entire park allowing hikers a beautiful glimpse at butterflies, lizards, and wildflowers including, California Poppies, Star Lilies, and Miner’s Lettuce.


Our Beautiful Natural Park we enjoy! Here is a flyer you can print up when you are out enjoying the park. I received this out on our last nature hike.

Best time for the flowers is in the spring.


  ->Harford Spring Nature Flier #1








Great site to visit for horse events and additional local information....

    Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews | RAGLM

 Stay Connected To Your Community & What Is Happening In Your Backyard



Visit my Current Events page for lots of information




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