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It is free to post on my Lost & Found Please give post all your contact information.Phone#,etc.                                               

Also when you find anything, Pets included, your local newspaper like the Press Enterprise ( 1-800-514-7253 ) will also post for free!

Posting a sign at the General Store and the Ranch Market along with the main street corners is a great idea also.

Click here: How to Find a Lost Dog


If it is a pet, call the shelter's and ask them to post the information on the board. That goes for Lost or Found.

Click here: craigslist: Another good place to post your lost and found pets

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These Shelter Posted below are Kill Shelters

In the year of 2012, there have been 17,414 pets put to death

at Municipal Shelters in Riverside County.

That means every 10 min. a pet dies  :(



Riverside Shelter -- 358-7387

Click here: Riverside County Department of Animal Services - Latest News

Moreno Valley Shelter --- 413-3790



Norco Shelter -- 737-8972


Animal Adoptions Centers (A No Kill Shelter)

The Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center     

(This is a No Kill Shelter)

(951) 688-4340-(304) Destiny




This is a great site for posting lost and found pets!


Services are provided FREE of charge to dog owners, finders of lost dogs, shelters, rescues groups and animal control professionals



Here is to the People who saved an animal this year - because the world could use more heroes.



Click here: 7 Things You Should NEVER Do to Your Dog


The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way it's animals are treated


Mahatma Gandhi




Click here: Ways Having A Dog Benefits Kids



At great site to join, just pick your neighborhood.

Post your lost and found

pets also. :)





There is a lot going on here on this sites, join the Lake Mathews and Gavilan Lost and Found Pets

  Some Dogs are finding their way back home being posted on these sites, so please post there if you can!

If you are on facebook this is a great place to instantly get your lost and found pets posted!




Keep your Pets Safe!
Every tag purchased provides an animal in need with food, treatment and shelter.
These tags are awesome! Love them!






Lost your dog or cat?

Want to see if our local pound has your pet?? Here is a link with current pics & description of FOUND animals at the shelter.

When searching, do not click on any PREFERENCES because the pound makes occasional errors when listing the proper gender/sex, age, size & color of the animal. Best to just look at all the dogs or cats to see if your pet is there.

Click here: Lost & Found (pictures)

for the Riverside shelter


 A rescue service

A rescue service
--> petsearchandrescue/





Every 3rd Friday of the month this Spay & Neuter Van shows up  at the Mead Valley Community Center.  It's great, if you have already spay & neutered your pet & only wish to get the shots, license & chipped. You can take care of that also. Chipping is only $15. All county prices. They don't do large dogs (sometimes they will take the boys) at the van, if they are unable to take your dog, they will make appointment at the county shelter for you. To confirm dates give them a call at

1-888-664-5166. Press Option #3


















Click here: Unlimited Obediencee

Awesome dog training classes.





Sharing this email that was sent to me from one of my neighbors that wants to let you know what it is like for a pet that enters the shelter.

Plus all the reasons why it is so important

"Spay & Neuter"



Please let the neighbors know that Riverside County Animal Control does NOT have a NO-KILL policy.  The only no-kill shelter in our area is Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption (formerly Riverside Humane Society).


At Riverside County Animal Shelter:

Owner surrenders are held for 2 days. 

Lost/found pets are held for 5 days. 

After the required hold time, there is no guarantee the pet will remain available for the public.  

Yes, it is a ‘shelter’.  They do have a roof over their heads and receive daily meals and medication when needed, all of this is temporary.

Think of a shelter as a garbage collector. 

They collect someone else’s unwanted discard, whether it be on the road or a surrender at their counters.

They do their best with the short staff (lay-offs are common now at the county), but our local shelters is definitely not a no-kill shelter. 

It is a very sad day when a pet is checked-in to a kill shelter. 

Sadly, many of us have rescued homeless pets on our streets.  We are the kind people trying to find the owners, actually thinking there must be a family out there missing this pet. 

The percentage of the pet missing is much less than the possibility they were dumped or just unwanted animals.

Most of us are not in a position to hold onto one of these homeless pets for too long, as we already have our own pet family. 

After all other avenues have been pursued, such as contacting all friends and neighbors, placing a listing in PE and Pennysaver, maybe a listing on Craigslist or contacting a rescue group, the only option is our local pound. 

This homeless pet is now at the pound with minimal chance of adoption due to over-population.

Any animal checking-in to the ‘shelter’ is subjected to:

1.STRESS, which lowers their resistance to diseases lurking about at the shelter and also alters their behavior/personality, lessening their chance to become adopted.

2. Easily contracting contagious DISEASES, some are deadly.


The pet used to be known by a family or others.  Once checked-in, they lose all hope of displaying their ‘cuteness’ and special tricks or personality. 

Let’s not sugar-coat this and assume every sweet, loveable, cute pet is going to get adopted.  So many adoptable pets are euthanized every day.

Spay and neuter.  That’s the solution to this pet-overpopulation.  But still, I hear about many of our own neighbors up here that do not alter their pets.  Why?  They end up with an unwanted litter and this litter is pushed out into the world, taking up space that another unwanted puppy/kitten would have taken. 

Too many litters, not enough homes.  Where do all of these kittens/puppies go?  Well, they go to homes that wanted a cute pet at the moment or taken to the ‘shelter’.  Yes, the ‘shelter’.  After all, they do have a roof over their heads and receive daily meals and medication when needed.   

Please help by educating others…..spay/neuter.






"This soldier, I realized, must have had friends at home and in his regiment; yet he lay there deserted by all except his dog.

I looked on, unmoved, at battles which decided the future of nations.

Tearless, I had given orders which brought death to thousands. Yet here I was stirred, profoundly stirred, stirred to tears.

And by what? By the grief of one dog. "


-Napoleon Bonaparte

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